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General Rules for Comments

  • Treat all posters, commentators and readers with respect and refrain from personal insults and ad hominem attacks;
  • Some discussion of other subjects is permitted provided there is relevance to the discussion at hand (i.e. drawing on historical parallels);
  • No “Gish Gallops”– do not post long rambling comments that contain multiple assertions not supported by evidence or references;
  • When making any claim – scientific or otherwise- provide references for others to evaluate your argument;
  • Avoid “Godwin’s Law” – people aren’t Nazis because they have different political views to yours
  • Respect people’s privacy and anonymity – for some people its a matter of personal safety.

What is not Permitted

  • Claims that “climate change is not real”, that scientists are engaged in a conspiracy etc. are not allowed and will result in an immediate and permanent ban;
  • Threats or attempts to intimidate me or any other commentator on this blog will result in an immediate and permanent ban;
  • I have zero tolerance for sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic and ableist language.

Usage of such language may result in an immediate and permanent ban: however I will discuss said language usage with the poster first to see if they are prepared to modify their terminology.

Please consider how you use language and the impact it can have on others different to you , do not subscribe to “mainstream” societal values or belong to a minority group.

Dealing with Abuse and Threats

This stuff is taken seriously by me:

  • If you threaten or indulge in abusive behaviors I will report your details to local authorities;
  • This includes abusive/threatening posts made on this blog and on other social media platforms that reference me, this blog or commentators to this blog (i.e. Twitter);
  • Stating “It was just a joke” or claiming “Freedom of speech” does not make it OK – I will report you without hesitation;
  • I will publish your ISP, email address and other details (including Facebook and Twitter profiles) in association with the offending comments for the whole world to see.

What is Ableist Language and Terms to Avoid

You may be familiar with sexist language and appreciate why many people happily acknowledge terms once commonly used are no longer acceptable.

Likewise there is a growing push within the disability rights movement to help educate the broader public about language use. It is now being increasingly recognised that terms once commonly used demean people with physical and cognitive disabilities are no longer appropriate.

Thus on this blog people with whom you disagree, have opposing values or simply have a different point-of-view are not “mad”, “insane” “retarded”, “blind”, “deaf” or “an idiot”.

Please find alternatives to those. Abliest language, it’s impact and alternative terms are explored at the wonderful blog Autistic Hoya.

Steal this Article: Legal Stuff

The boring stuff:

  • Comments and opinions made by me are my own and do not reflect past, present or future employers;
  • Feel free to post, share, Tweet, reuse and mix material but PLEASE attribute the blog and me as the original source (Creative Commons model);
  • Every effort will be made to attribute sources I use;
  • Every effort will be made to fairly portray the opinions of others, including criticism or paraphrasing their work or words;
  • Said commentary will be non-defamatory.