About the Author and Blog

003The Author: Mike Marriott

I’m a Melbourne writer interested in exploring society’s response to climate change, resource scarcity, technological change and globalisation.

For several years I maintained a moderately successful blog called Watching the Deniers.

When I’m not pondering such lofty questions I love riding, gardening and indulging my passion for Geek Culture.

That’s me in the picture, looking all serious.

Eve of Disruption: Statement of Intent

Eve of Disruption will explore a broad range of issues. However for the intermediate period I will be exploring two main themes in a series of ongoing articles: 

  • A history of climate change denial and inaction in Australia within the broader context of Australian history and culture
  • A history of conspiracy culture and denial and it’s impact on politics and society from the early 20th to early 21st century. 

While these two themes appear unrelated, it is hoped the relationship between the two will become apparent.

Eventually I plan to consolidate this work into a short text with the working title of Denial Nation.

So what’s next?

Well I have to write – obviously!

Individual posts will explore the main themes but also anything else broadly related. As a writer I don’t want to place too many limits on myself.

Your thoughts, comments and feedback will help shape my thinking. I welcome lively debate and a diversity of opinions. But no climate sceptics or trolls.

This blog is intended to be a safe space for those willing to engage on these questions: see the Comments Policy for further details.













  1. I have spent this day reading all about WWI & WWII science cum engineering cum manufacturing in Australia which did surprisingly well, better than Canada in fact.

    Having no federal or state government support at all for university research in Oz was a big negative but the positive note was that *ALL* Australians agreed on a policy of industrial self reliance, ie not in inventing things but rather in wholeheartedly adapting the new technologies of bigger nations to Aussie conditions — and building it all, or nearly all, in Australia.

    I wonder if a tack of ‘no one understands or cares about the unique effects of climate change on Australia, so if we are going to build a solution, we’ll have to do it all here, right on our own’ might not work again ?


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